RS 2000 – Ford Escort Mk 2

March 9, 2021 By

The RS 2000 just about makes it in to the Ultimate 80s and 90s Retro Cars Colouring Book. 

Not because it’s any less worthy than any of the other cars in the book, but because it was replaced by the Mk3 Escort toward the end of 1980.

The RS 2000 was regularly seen chasing crims by Bodie and Doyle in police TV show, The Professionals.  Their other go to vehicle was the Ford Capri.

Now a very sought after car by collectors and retro fans, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for a nice example to be sat in your garage.

Get your pens and pencils out and head over to Amazon.  Less than a fiver…

The Ultimate 80s and 90s Retro Cars Colouring Book.