Retro Cars Colouring Book

March 9, 2021 By

The new book has his the shelves. Virtual shelves anyway.

This book will take you back to those retro cars of the 80s and 90s.  A time when manufacturers were taking every day models and sporting them up with body kits and modification, unrated suspension and of course dropping in extra HPs to make them go faster.

Gti, GTE, RS are just a few of the names you would see to signify these hot motors.  Hot hatches were all the rage amongst the petrol heads,  but the quest for power and squeezing even more horses was key amongst those unsatisfied with the stock performance.  As with all areas of motoring the modification scene was massive.

Take a trip down memory lane, (or if your not old enough to remember these when they were new on the road) take a peak at some modern motoring history.

This colouring book has over 20 of the must have retro cars of that period and over 40 designs. Kids and adults will enjoy relaxing and putting their pens or pencils to work on the cool pages of this book.

Whats more, this book comes in at under £5. An absolute bargain.

Available on Amazon in most countries.